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VIUFA Leave Committee

In order to maintain excellence of instruction and educational service at VIU, it is recognized that there is a need for faculty to have the opportunity to participate in and pursue activities related to professional development. The VIUFA Leave Committee administers the funding of leave endeavours.

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Committee Members

VIUFA Assisted Leave Details and Application Process

Access to Leave Reports (Committee members only)

Committee Members

Terri Doughty (Chair) Arts & Humanities
Clay Armstrong Arts & Humanities
Dana McFarland Library Administration (non-instructional rep)
Deborah Matheson Social Sciences
Don Noakes Dean, Science & Technology (Dean of Instruction rep)
Jennifer Ford Management
Health & Human Services
Riki Cox Education
Rosemarie Ganassin Science & Technology
Nicole Vaugeois (Ex-officio) AVP, Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity (Provost & VPA designate)
Lyn Locke (Committee Support) Committee Support, Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity Office


Terms of Reference

VIUFA Collective Agreement: Article 12.3 Professional Development; Article 12.4 Assisted Leave; Article 12.15 General Leave

Updated: June 15, 2018