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CRC Tier II in Health and Wellness


  1. Background
  2. Research Focus of the Chair
  3. Collaborations
  4. Expectations
  5. Qualifications and Position Posting
  6. Application Procedures
  7. About Vancouver Island University


An important part of Vancouver Island University’s research mandate is a commitment to healthy residents and communities. Many factors contribute to individual and population health including choices, environments, social contexts, and opportunities. Additionally, positive lifestyle choices and health care lead to the maximization of one’s health and wellness. Areas of specialization are open, but preference will be given to candidates whose research is of an interdisciplinary nature. A Research Chair at VIU may wish to take advantage of the unique population on Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island is known for its temperate climate and, as such, includes a larger than average population of older adults. In addition, the population of First Nations students at VIU is among the highest of any post secondary institution in British Columbia.

Research Focus of the Chair

Possible research themes include: �����

  • Health Promotion��eg. Health and Physical Activity�� �����������������
  • Community Health
  • Healthy Aging� eg. Brain Health�����������������������
  • First Nations Health


Given that VIU already has a number of programs, faculty members, and students doing research in the area of Health and Wellness it is likely that collaboration between these groups would increase under the directorship of a Chair in Health and Wellness. At least three Faculties at VIU are involved in health research: (1) The Psychology Department within the Social Sciences Faculty has the Behavioural Medicine Lab, the Fear and Anxiety Lab, the Resilience Lab, the Electrophysiology Lab and a Sleep and Neuroscience Lab. (2) The Faculty of Health and Human Services has several BSN faculty engaged in collaborative research (provincially and internationally) in areas of chronic illness, critical incident stress management, and mental health amongst nurse educators. (3) The Faculty of Education has recently developed the Sport, Health, and Physical Education (SHAPE) initiative.

In addition to new collaborations between Faculties there are a number of partnerships that could be formed with outside agencies including Camosun College’s Pacific Sport program, the University of Victoria’s Behavioural Medicine Lab, the University of Victoria’s Centre on Aging, as well as government agencies, local groups and institutions.


  • Development of a cross-disciplinary program with direct benefits to health and well-being.
  • Provide research leadership,
  • Foster a collaborative approach to research, developing new areas of collaborative research and research network development,
  • Develop an independent grant-funded research program,
  • Facilitate community consultation and involvement,
  • Engage in knowledge mobilization, broadly,
  • In addition to the research program the Chair will participate in the academic programs including the teaching of undergraduate courses and other educational and scholarly activity and service.
  • A commitment toward interdisciplinary research is essential.

Qualifications and Position Posting

The Canada Research Chairs programs expects Tier II nominees to:

  • be within 10 years of receiving their PhD;
  • be excellent emerging researchers who have demonstrated particular research creativity;
  • have demonstrated the potential to achieve international recognition in their fields in the next five to ten years;
  • be proposing an original, innovative research program of high quality;
  • as a chairholder, have the potential to attract excellent trainees, students and future researchers.

View the position posting.

Application Procedures

Applicants should also review the Canada Research Chair web site for eligibility requirements .

Applications should include:

  • A cover letter with a statement of applicant's educational philosophy relating to the position and the applicant's expected contribution to the University;
  • a curriculum vitae (SSHRC CV or similar);
  • in keeping with the Canada Research Chair application guidelines ( ), a two page concept paper covering an innovative research plan;
  • the names, addresses and phone numbers of three references;
  • and three confidential letters of recommendation sent under separate cover by the candidate’s referees

Applicants need to create a job application account at Vancouver Island University in order to apply electronically. The web page for creating the account is here LINK. The application package should be uploaded to your account and submitted electronically.

Applications are due by May 19, 2010. Review of applications will begin in June with interviews to be held in August.

About Vancouver Island University

To find out more about Vancouver Island University please check this page and visit the VIU web site.