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Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity Committees and Boards

For electronic copies of committee documents please visit VIU's Archiving System. Internal Viewer: Restricted to VIU Employees only. Public Viewer: Committee documents open to the public.

Animal Care Committee BCGEU Professional Development Committees

The VIU Animal Care Committee exercises the authority of the President in matters concerning animal care. It is responsible in all matters concerning animals kept for, or used in, research and teaching, under the aegis of Vancouver Island University, both on and off campus.


Provides funding for studies, or experience in business, industry, community service, government or other educational institution, to increase personal development through a leave or to attend an event.

VIU Research Awards Committee (VIURAC)

VIU Faculty Association Professional and Scholarly Development Committee

This committee was established to encourage and support research and scholarly activity for the institution and to administer the Research Fund and other research funds that may be assigned to the Committee from time to time. Currently, the two funds administered by the Committee are the Research Fund (RF) and the Capacity Building Grant (CGB). VIU RAC also serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of Research Services regarding external institutional grants.


The VIUFA Professional & Scholarly Development Committee sponsors activity that, in their opinion, will help to maintain excellence of instruction and educational service at VIU. The committee members evaluates and supports events and activities on the basis of how much professional interest they are to the general faculty.


NSERC Awards Selection Committee Research Ethics Board

VIU's internal selection committee for NSERC's Undergraduate Student Research Awards and Postgraduate (and Canada Graduate ) Scholarship Master's Awards.

This web site is designed to assist researchers and others in learning about ethics in research, in order to maintain VIU's commitment to the highest ethical standards in research involving human subjects and to seeing that the safety, health, welfare, and rights of subjects are adequately protected.


Research, Scholarly Activity, and Curriculum Development Committee (RSACDC) Student Travel & Research (STAR) Committee

The Research, Scholarly Activity, and Curriculum Development Committee recognizes that scholarly activity and curriculum development are important to academic excellence and essential components of the faculty workload.


This Committee selects award recipients to receive fudning from the Student Travel & Conference Fund & the Jessica Wilde Conference Participation Fund.

Graduate Scholarship Selection Committee VIUFA Leave Committee

VIU's internal selection committee for the Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's Program awards.

In order to maintain excellence of instruction and educational service at VIU, it is recognized that there is a need for faculty to have the opportunity to participate in and pursue activities related to professional development. This committee helps with the funding of these endeavours through the VIUFA Leave Committee.


Travel & Conference Proceedings Funding Committee

Michael L.Warsh Law Corporation Committee

This Committee administers Travel & Conference Funding awards for training and conference participation and presentation for the B.C. Government & Service Employees' Union and for conference participation and presentation for the VIU Faculty Association.


The Michael L. Warsh Law Corporation Award recognizes outstanding research in: independent research supervised by a faculty member; an independent project undertaken for credit.