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Grant Application Life Cycle

The flowchart below provides an overview of the grant application process from idea stage to approval to opening the cost centre. Click on the boxes below or scroll down the page to read more about each step.

Research Grant Flowchart


Idea/ Planning Stage: Researcher Meets with the Research Grants Facilitator to:

  • make sure you are eligible to hold a grant at VIU
  • discuss  the development of your research plan
  • choose the best granting agency, program and opportunity
  • review the specific grant criteria and instructions
  • discuss application format guidelines (e.g. proposal, CV, attachments)
  • help you set a timeline for completion of the application


Draft Application Reviewed by Research Facilitator:

Submit your draft application to the Facilitator at least two weeks in advance of the granting agency deadline for:

    • review according to sponsor’s criteria
    • review of formatting
    • review and edit for clarity and understanding
    • review budget and matching funds commitments
    • overall comments as an informed reviewer

Applications submitted less than two weeks in advance will not be guaranteed a full review, as above, but instead will be checked for eligibility and completeness.


Completion of the Institutional Signature Sheet:

All research applications require an accompanying Institutional Signature Sheet (ISS). This document records institutional commitments (cash and in-kind), ethics certifications required, indirect costs (overhead) recovery etc. made at the time of application submission.  The Facilitator can assist you in preparing this document.  The researcher is responsible for obtaining the signatures of his or her Dean and possibly other signatures as necessary.  Detailed ISS instructions are appended to the document. VIU has an indirect cost guideline of 25% of cash contributions (i.e. over and above the full expenses of the grant).  In cases when a sponsor’s policy is not congruent with VIU’s please complete an Indirect Costs Waiver Form.  Your Facilitator can answer your questions.


Submission of the application to the Associate Vice-President Scholarship and Community Engagement:

The Associate Vice-President Scholarship and Community Engagement requires your draft application for review and approval a minimum of one week prior to the sponsor deadline. The Facilitator will submit the application on your behalf with the ISS.


Application Submission:

Most applications are now submitted electronically. If you submit the application yourself make sure that your Facilitator receives the final copy. Tri-Agency and institutional applications, as well as research contracts, must be submitted by the Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity Office (RSAO).  In rare instances when a paper submission is required the application or contract can be couriered directly by the RSAO and the Facilitator will e-mail you an exact copy of what was submitted.


Notice of Award Received:

Upon receipt of the official Notice of Award by the RSAO, the Facilitator will contact the applicant and their Dean/Director to advise them of the outcome.  If the applicant receives the Notice of Award directly, please send a copy to the Facilitator. This is required in order to set-up your cost centre.


Cost Centre Paperwork & Cost Centre Orientation Meeting::

All successful research grants will be assigned a cost centre. Cost centre paperwork is prepared by the Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity Office and forwarded via e-mail to the researcher with instructions for completion. The respective Dean and Secretary will be copied on the e-mail.  Within one week of receipt, the researcher should fill out the forms, obtain the required signatures and return the package to the RSAO. 

Once the cost centre is open and governance documents uploaded, the Research Services Manager meets with the researcher(s) and applicable budget personnel to review the cost centre, signing authorities, guidelines for eligible expenditures, ethics renewals, etc. An in-depth Financial Records System (FRS) orientation can be arranged if required.  Researchers are now able to hire their research personnel and initiate purchases with their grant funds.


Updated: June 4, 2015