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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Travel and Conference and Jessica Wilde Conference Participation Funding

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I'm a master's student; am I eligible to apply for funding to attend or present at a conference?

If you are accepted or have submitted a request to present at a conference then yes, you can submit an application to be considered for funding from the Jessica Wilde Conference Participation Fund. However, you would not be eligible for funding from the VIU Student Travel and Conference Fund. The VIU Student Travel and Conference Fund only supports undergraduate students. If you are a master's student looking for funding to attend a conference, speak to your Dean to see if there is funding available within your program.

Should we write a proposal as a group?

The STAR Committee recommends that students should only prepare applications as a group if they submitted an abstract to a conference to present as a group. If two students are merely presenting at/attending the same conference then each student should prepare their own individual proposal to be considered for funding.

There is an upcoming conference that I am extremely interested in attending, but cannot afford to do so. I am in the process of writing a proposal, but the conference I want to attend is well before the deadline. Will it be possible to get funding by the start date of the conference, or is it possible to obtain full reimbursement for my expenses, if my proposal is accepted?

You will not be able to get a decision from the STAR Committee if the start date of the conference is before the application deadline; however, you can submit an application at anytime and it will be reviewed after the deadline. If you are selected to receive funds then you must submit proof of attendance (original name tag and registration) and original receipts for your expenses so be sure to keep all your receipts and documentation from the conference. Only after the Committee has reviewed all the proposals you will be informed of their decision.

Would the Student Travel and Conference Fund and the Jessica Wild Conference Participation Fund help me attend a conference in another country?

Yes, as long as you submit an application by one of the deadline dates, you will be considered for funding to attend/present at a conference anywhere in the world. To be considered for the Jessica Wilde Conference Participation fund you must be presenting.

I am considering applying for the Student Travel and Conference Fund and the Jessica Wilde Conference Participation Fund. Are there any sample proposals available so I can see the general formatting that is expected?

There are no sample proposals; however, you can find the proposal instructions and other applicable information on the Funding Opportunity web page. Here are some other helpful tips:

  • when preparing your proposal, write in non-technical terms and avoid jargon. You are writing to an interdisciplinary committee so be sure that everyone will understand your proposal;
  • spell out acronyms;
  • make sure your proposal is organized well and presented in a professional manner; and
  • visit the Writing Centre to have someone review your grammar, punctuation and spelling.

How do I apply for a job on campus as a research assistant?

Check out the job postings at the Centre for Experiential Learning. You could also look through the Internal Grants and Leaves Awarded webpages to see which faculty members are currently conducting research then contact them to see if they are hiring research assistants.

Do SSHRC Doctoral Awards cover admissions into foreign universities? How would I apply?

The SSHRC doctoral scholarships & fellowships are only tenable at Canadian universities. However, those who receive a scholarship can also apply for the SSHRC Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement. This program provides a maximum of $6,000 for 3-6 months for students to gain research experience abroad.

You would apply internally at the university where you are registered as long as that university has received a quota from SSHRC. If you have not yet registered for a PhD program but would like to apply for funding then you would apply directly to SSHRC.

Please see SSHRC's funding opportunity web pages for more details about their award programs.

I am interested in attending a Scholarship Information Session, but I am not sure which one is right for me. Is it possible to go to all three (NSERC, SSHRC, & CIHR) Information Sessions?

Information sessions are currently suspended due to staffing changes.

I graduate in June and plan on taking a year off before pursuing a master’s degree. Should I apply for the scholarship now, with the intent to defer it for a year until I go back to school, or apply for it after my one year break?

Unfortunately, you cannot defer Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's awards unless it is for medical reasons or parental leave. Therefore, if you plan to take a year off you should apply in the competition following your graduation.

I would like apply for a scholarship but am unsure of my qualifications. I am a creative writing and journalism major which I don’t think fits in the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council's requirements. Am I eligible?

If you are pursuing a master’s degree within the social sciences, arts or humanities and your master’s program has a research component to it (thesis, research course, research project, etc), you could apply as long as you meet the other eligibility requirements.

Can I upload the web (unofficial) version of my transcript to the online system?

No. Most, if not all, universities require an official transcript. You can purchase an official transcript from the Registrar's Office which will be mailed to you in an envelope that states on the envelope, unofficial if opened. Since the agencies (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR) are now asking students to upload their own "official" transcript you will be required to open the envelope, scan and upload your transcript. When scanned it might say "Copy", this is OK. The agencies realize this and they are trusting students to upload the correct transcript. If they happen to question the authenticity of your transcript then they may ask you, at a later date, to send them an official transcript in the mail.


Updated: September 19, 2016