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Michael L. Warsh Law Corporation Award

The Michael L. Warsh Law Corporation Award promotes and recognizes outstanding research and research potential in any discipline. Research may include the following: independent research supervised by a faculty member; an independent project undertaken for credit, e.g. under the 491 code; research undertaken as a Work-Opportunities student; financially supported or pro bono research as part of a faculty member’s project, or any other similar project. The Award is targeted to a student who intends to pursue postgraduate studies, and who is entered in his/her last two semesters. Faculty recognize that research grants and awards are crucial aspects of graduate school admissions and future grant application success.

Amount: $500
Applications Deadline: March 31
To complete an application, login to your Student Record, open the Scholarship, Award and Bursary Profile and complete the "Research Awards Section - Post-Graduate Studies" found in Section 11 - Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity.



The required components to be uploaded for the application are listed below.

  1. 750-word statement, which is to include:
    • A description of the research project, including its significance, originality, findings, and the student’s contribution if it is a team project;
    • a description of the field and research the student intends to pursue in postgraduate studies, the postgraduate degree sought, and evidence either of application and/or acceptance to a graduate program or appropriate graduate schools and/or programs to which the student intends to apply; and
    • an account of relevant academic work or extra-curricular experiences the student has acquired which makes that student a likely candidate to succeed in said graduate program.
  2. Curriculum Vitae (2 page limit). This is essentially a resume that includes all your academic and non-academic achievements. For assistance in preparing a CV, please visit the Centre for Experiential Learning, Building 310, Room 109.
  3. A signed letter of recommendation from the research adviser.
  4. Transcript: Students will be required to have obtained a minimum B+ average in their Major and/or field of study to be pursued in a postgraduate program.

Updated: March 2, 2017