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Institutional Allocation Guidelines for CFI Infrastructure Operating Fund


The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF) is designed to help offset a portion of the operating and maintenance costs of CFI-funded infrastructure to ensure its optimal operation and use.  Eligible projects generate an IOF allocation of 30 percent of the maximum CFI amount approved at award finalization.  This allocation applies to all eligible projects approved after July 1, 2001.

Guiding Principles

CFI has given responsibility for allocating the IOF funds to the institution and requires that each institution develop guiding principles for the distribution of the funds.  Vancouver Island University has determined that allocations will be assigned to the projects that generated it, but reserves the right to reassign allocations, based on need, to other eligible projects.

Review Committee

Oversight of the funding is undertaken by the IOF Allocation Committee whose membership consists of:

  • Associate Vice-President, Scholarship and Community Engagement
  • Associate Vice-President, Academic Planning and Aboriginal Initiatives
  • An Academic Dean (from a Faculty without a current IOF allocation)

The aim of the Committee is to determine the appropriate allocation of available funds and manage the Institutional Allocation Plan.

IOF Requests

Annually in late August, the Research Services Manager will provide Project Leaders of eligible infrastructure awards with their remaining allocation balance and request that they assess their anticipated operating and maintenance needs for the next fiscal year, in association with their Dean, and submit a request to access that funding, along with a brief narrative.

Approval Process

The IOF Allocation Committee will convene annually in early September to review IOF allocation balances and requests for funding.  Decisions will be made and Projects Leaders notified of allocations prior to finalization of the budgeting process for the next fiscal year.  This will enable applicants to explore alternate funding sources in the event IOF funding is not approved, is reallocated, or balances have been depleted.

Fund Administration

The Research Services Manager will be responsible for initiating the annual review process and administering the Institutional Allocation Plan which includes:  submission of the annual allocation request to CFI; expenditure tracking; compliance monitoring; and financial reporting.  Annually in June, prior to the CFI submission deadline, funding requests approved the previous September will be confirmed.  Funding will be transferred to designated cost centres once all compliance documents have been received (eg. Certification form - Salary of Technicians and Professionals – in instances where funding is used for personnel to maintain the equipment/facility).

Updated: November 23, 2015