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Internal Grants Awards & Leaves (2008-2009)

* This list only reflects research grants, awards and leaves that are administered through the Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity Office.

Research Fund (RF)

Brian Dick Enhancement of Carbon Nanotube Growth Facility $5,225
Lisa MacLean "Ruination" $4,000
Keith Harrison The Geography of Love: Mull $1,500
Lev Idels Bioeconomical Models of Marine Reserves $3,000
Cheryl Warsh "Gender & Modernity in Canadian Food Advertising in the Interwar Years" in Consuming Modernity: Changing Gendered Behaviours and Consumerism, 1919-1940, ed. Cheryl Krasnick and Dan Malleck $4,000
Daniel Burgoyne Textual History and Scholarly Edition of james De Mille's novel "A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder" $2,000
Valerie Watts A Workshop for High School Mathematics Teachers $1,000
Louise Underwood/Bruce Cooke-Dallin/Carol Matthews Elders' Teachings Compilation $3,000


Capacity Building Grants (CBG)

Richard Lane Humanities Interdisciplinarity Research Group $1,000
Wayne Pealo The Impact of Leisure Activity on Breast Cancer Survivors $600
Ruth Kirson/Caroline Burnley Resilience Research Lab $2,425
Dawn Thompson The Child and The Book Conference 2009: "This Land is Our Land." May 1 - 3, 2009. Vancouver Island University $1,250


MFA Leaves (awarded in 2008 - 2009, to be taken in 2009 - 2010)

Investigator(s) Department Amount Awarded Project Title
Anna Atkinson English Half Year "Of the Finest Kynde": Re-valuing the Tradition of Folk Song and Poetry
Matthew Beedham English Half Year Better Writing Through Sentence Combining: A proposed text and workbook
Marilyn Bowering Creative Writing & Journalism Half Year The Children's Crusade
Rick Conroy Visual & Applied Arts Half Year "The effective utilization of Adobe Photoshop imaging software for bridging traditional mediums and digital illustration in VIU education"
Stephanie Duff Fisheries & Aquaculture Half Year Bycatch reduction in the Pacific Spot Prawn (Pandalus platyceros) fishery
Chris Gill Chemistry Half Year Alberta Tar Sands Airshed Monitoring in Real Time by Membrane Introduction Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MIMS-MS/MS)
Steve Guppy Creative Writing & Journalism Half Year Rational Fire (novel)
Keith Harrison Creative Writing & Journalism Half Year The Geography of Love
Karen Hodgson Art & Design: Graphic Design Half Year Survey of Regional Graphic Design Studio Business Practices
Erik Krogh Chemistry Half Year Studies in Water Quality: Advances in Mobile Environmental Monitoring and the Investigation of Chemical Transformations in Complex Aquatic Systems
Bernie Krynowsky Education Half Year "Practical Suggestions for Effective Post Secondary Instruction" - a handbook and or online resource
Imogene Lim Anthroplogy Half Year Cumberland Chinatown Memories and Heritage Tourism
Brad Maquire Geography Half Year Completion of Ph.D. Dissertation
Lynn Rollison Bachelor of Science in Nurshing Full Year The Impact of a Traumatic Birth on Mothering
Dale Wik Writing Centre Half Year Promoting a Culture of Writing at Vancouver Island University: A Study of Faculty Tutors in the Writing Centre
Lynn Wytenbroek English Half Year The Global Food Crisis: From complex causes to sustainable responses