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Internal Grants & Leaves Awarded in Fiscal Year 2015/2016

* This list only reflects research grants and leaves that have been awarded and are administered through the Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity Office.

VIU stock picture Research Fund

Community Engagement Accelerator Grant

VIU FA Leaves

Student Travel & Conference (STAC)& Jessica Wilde Conference Participation (JWCP) Awards


Research Fund (RF)

Recipients Project Title Amount
Joslynn Affleck,
Effects of toxic substances on mammalian cell line
viability and fruit fly reproduction
Danielle Alphonse, BC Regional Innovation Chair and Linda McDonell, Adjunct Faculty Creating Effective, High Quality Transition Experiences for Young Aboriginal Children and their Families (Creating Quality Transitions) $5,000
Matt Bowes,
Lake Monitoring in the Regional District of Nanaimo $4,900
Dave Cake,
GIS Program
Eelgrass Mapping in Mid-Island Estuaries $4,400
Sarah Dudas,
Canada Research Chair
Are non-native marine fouling species more abundant in regions with higher levels of human activity $5,904
Chris Gill and Erik Krogh,
Microfluidic Condensed Phase Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry (CP-MIMS) Interfaces Using Stereolithographic 3D Printing Methods $9,360
Jessie Key and Duane Friesen, Chemistry Rational design of small-molecule chemical sensors for detection of platinum group pollutant detection in marine and coastal waters $8,175
Erik Krogh and Chris Gill, Chemistry Rapid Screening of Pharmaceutical Compounds in Complex Environmental and Bioanalytical Samples by Condensed Phase Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry $6,860
Pamela Shaw,
Community Planning
The Carrying Capacity of the MABR: a Land Use and Human Impact Analysis $4,900
Monica Soth, Donald Ross, Andrew Hollenberg and Stephanie Crocker
Dental Hygiene
Development of a Culturally Appropriate Oral Health Program for Aboriginal Children $10,000
Tim Stokes,
Earth Science
New Approaches and Techniques for Karst Landscape Mapping on Vancouver Island $4,000
Deirdre Wilson,
Exploring the Use of Wiki-Mediated Collaborative Writing Among Students with Mixed English-language Proficiency Levels $2,817

Community Engagement Accelerator Grant (CEAG)

Recipients Project Title Amount
Joanne Schroeder,
World Leisure Centre of Excellence Network PLanning Workshop $2,500
Elizabeth McLin, Criminology; Sylvie Lafrenière, Sociology; Robert Willis, Management Community-Building through Eperiential Learning and Applied Interdisciplinary Research (CELAIR) $4,200
Nicole Vaugeois and Peter Parker, Recreation/Tourism Vancouver Island Regional Visitor Profile Initiative $5,000
John Predyk, Recreation/Tourism; William Litchfield, Advancement and Alumni Relations; Ken Hammer VIU Business PLan Competition $5,000
Suzanne de la Barre,
Mapping Benefits of a Yukon First Nations Cultural Festival $2,500
Ashleigh Martinflatt and Teri Derksen,
Child and Youth Care
The Centre for Communtiy Outreach and Care $5,000
Jeff Lewis, Geography; Erik Krogh, Chemistry Awareness of Climate Change through Education and Research (ACER) Community Engagement, Public Outreach and 2016 Climate Change Symposium $5,000
Geraldin Manson and Tania Smethurst,
Aboriginal Education
Indigenous Portfolio Development $2,500
Alexandra Weissfloch, Chemistry Greening Chemical Education in BC: A Workshop for Secondary School Teachers $2,500
Jackie Oncescu, Recreation/Tourism Poverty and Social Inclusion $2,500
Michel Vallee,
Forest Resources Technology
Bioblitz: biological surveying in MABR $4,625

VIU FA Leaves (awarded in 2015 - 2016, to be taken in 2016 - 2017)

Recipients Project Title Leave
Mark Blackell,
Liberal Studies and Political Studies
Renaissance Civic Republicanism and the Revitalization of Liberal Democratic Thought Full
Brian Dick,
Physics, Engineering and Astronomy
Building the Foundational Year for an Engineering Student Half
Erick Groot,
One Fish Physiologist's Journey; an Opportunity to Close Past Chapters and Open New Ones Full
Sharon Kelly,
Faculty of Management,
Student Affairs
Certification in Coaching Half
John Lepage,
Dead Ends and Hidden Byways: A Collection of Stories Full
Imogene Lim,
Chinese Canadian Connections: Land and People Full
Leanne Rose,
Child and Youth Care
Integrating Child and Youth Care theory into Parenting Practices: Book Development Half
Joanne Schroeder,
Recreation & Tourism
Doctor of Social Sciences, Royal Roads University: Further academic studies with a focus on Leisure Studies Full
Terri Spronk,
Social Work
Exploration of Ecological Therapeutic Approaches to Practice Half
Dawn Thompson,
Making Space for Indigenous Knowledge to Take Place Half

Student Travel & Conference (STAC), Jessica Wilde Conference Participation (JWCP) Awards and Stephanie Buckingham Conference Funds

Recipients Conferences,Workshops and Colloquia STAC JWCP SBCF
Shantel Beute, Political Studies Model United Nations 2016 (Active Participant) $250    
Julie Bjork, Child and Youth Care Human sexuality training: Comfort, Attitude and Values Evaluation (CAVE) (Attendee) $400    
Jeffery Carey, Psychology Society of Behavioral Medicine (Poster Presentation) $500 $500  
Mitchell Gair Model United Nations 2016 (Active Participant) $250    
Kai Huculak, Political Studies Model United Nations 2016 (Active Participant) $250    
Ebrahim Mohd Rafik Lababidi, Political Studies Model United Nations 2016 (Active Participant) $250    
Emma Lawson, Education The Wonders of Nature Research Day, Annual Kindergarten/Primary Institute, Heart and Mind Conference 2015, North Shore Early Childhood Conference (Attendee, awarded for one conference) $400    
Francesca Lee, Education Multi-day CAVE/SAR: Building Competence (Attendee) $400    
Lauren Main, Political Studies Model United Nations 2016 (Active Participant) $250    
Annie Miller, Bachelor of Science in Nursing BCNU Human Rights & Equity Conference (Attendee)     $500
Susanne Tardiff, Psychology Society of Behavioral Medicine (Poster Presentation) $500 $500  
Larissa Thelin, Geography WDCAG Conference (Presentation) $500 $250  
Hao Thoai (Ricky) Truong, Thomas Seal, Oleksandr Nishta, Kari Anne Burmaster, MBA DeGroote MBA Case Competition (Presentation)   $1,000  


Updated: March 9, 2016