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Canada Graduate Scholarships - Master's Programs

Eligible Canadian universities are provided with quotas of Canada Graduate Scholarship Master's awards from the federally funded Research Councils (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR). Competitions for these awards are administered internally by each university. Awards are $17,500.

Vancouver Island University is currently allocated the following quotas:

  • NSERC - for research related to natural sciences and engineering (1 award)
  • SSHRC - for research in the field of social science and humanities (2 awards)

VIU does not currently have a quota for CIHR awards (study in the field of health care and health care administration).

To determine if you are eligible for a scholarship, visit the funding program webpage and carefully review the information. The Eligibility Criteria for Students and Fellows webpage is also a helpful resource.

A complete application comprises:


Important dates:

  • September - competition launches
  • December 1 - complete applications due, including references (late applications will not be accepted; no alterations after this date)
  • April 1 - candidates notified of the outcome of their application

Each university with an allocation will select award recipients based on their quota. If you listed multiple universities on your application (you can choose up to 5), you may receive multiple offers; however, you can only choose one. If selected for an award, you have 21 days to accept or decline.

Applications received by VIU are adjudicated by the Graduate Scholarship Selection Committee.

For questions on eligibility or the application process, please contact the Student Research Engagement Coordinator.

Updated: September 28, 2017