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People: 1970 - 1979

Dr Opgaard 1970s

Dr. Opgaard
Dr. Carl Opgaard was President of Malaspina College from 1968 to 1978.
Images courtesy of VIU Archives


April 1972
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Malaspina Now...and When, April 1972.
Image and article courtesy of The Navigator


Campus Construction 1974
Campus construction, 1974.
Image courtesy of VIU Archives


Dr Opgaard 1975
President of Malaspina College, Dr. Carl Opgaard, 1975. Notice the Malaspina College logo (left) in operation until 1980.
Image courtesy of Nanaimo Community Archives

Opgaard resigns May 1978
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After 10 years as Malaspina College's first president, Dr. Carl Opgaard resigns. Opgaard credits the success of the college over its first 10 years to the citizens of Nanaimo: "I'm incredibly biased when it comes to this community. There is not any other community in BC where there is as close a relationship with the college."
Image and article courtesy of Victoria's Daily Colonist, May 6, 1978

Gerry Sylvester Sept 1979
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Gerry Sylvester was appointed as Malaspina College's 2nd President in Sept. 1979. He replaced Dr. Carl Opgaard who served as President from 1969 to 1978.
Image courtesy of The Navigator, Sept. 1979