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Arts and Humanities: 1970 - 1979


Jazz 1978
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Steve Jones, head of Malaspina College's first ever comprehensive jazz program in 1978, believes Malaspina College could be "the jazz place in BC".
Article courtesy of The Navigator, Oct. 1978



Ring Around the Moon 1976
Malaspina College opened its 298 seat theatre in 1976 with Ring Round the Moon by Jean Anouilh.
Image courtesy of VIU's Theatre Department

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Women's studies 1970
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Marjorie Mitchell, an anthropologist from Victoria came to Malaspina College to describe the Women's Studies program which could be offered at the campus in Nanaimo.
An interview on Women's Studies in 2010 by CBC's Anna-Maria Tremonte - The Current (scroll down to January 12, 2010 - Part. 3)


Native studies applauded Oct 1970
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According to Malaspina College President Dr. Carl Opgaard, Canada's first ever First Nations Studies program was underway at the College in Oct. 1970. The first course was organized and taught by the Cowichan Band with some assistance from college staff - in particular Kevin Roberts. Cowichan Chief Dennis Alphonse and his wife introduced the series of lectures entitled "Indians and Contemporary History" at the end of September, 1970.
Article courtesy of The Navigator, Oct. 1970