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Management: 1980 - 1989

Discovery Room 1982
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In 1982, The Discovery Room was operated by hotel and restaurant students. Malaspina College students were encouraged to dine at the restaurant which taught "the average student...on a low-income budget, what to expect from a good restaurant in fine cuisine, excellent service, and courses which are properly arranged".
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June 1987
Hotel and restaurant management, 1987
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Hotel and Restaurant Management April 1986
Hotel and restaurant management, 1986
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New Enterprise Development Centre 1985
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A joint initiative through Malaspina College’s Faculty of Management and the City of Nanaimo, the Nanaimo Enterprise Development Centre was established in 1986 to develop and stimulate entrepreneurial ventures, resulting in employment for Nanaimo area citizens. The centre was coordinated by Mike Mann who would become the Faculty of Management's Dean from 2006 to his retirement in 2010.
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Business building late 1980s
Malaspina College’s Faculty of Management was first housed in this building built in the early 1980s. Its design replicated existing army huts on campus.
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Mike Mann 1986
Mike Mann (centre) in his role as coordinator of the New Enterprise Management Centre, 1986.
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