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People: 1980 - 1989

Totem for Tamagawa 1980
Image courtesy of The Navigator, Nov. 1980

Totem pole for Tamagawa, 1980
Image courtesy of VIU Archives

Reg and Robert Davidson carved a totem pole for Malaspina College to present to Tamagawa University in Japan. In 1978, Tamagawa University presented Malaspina with a formal Japanese garden and pool.

Visitors from Japan 1980
Visitors from Japan talk with Reg Davidson.
Image courtesy of VIU Archives

More photos of this totem pole, Nov. 1980

Suzuki 1980
PDF version
David Suzuki delivered a series of lectures at Malaspina College in Feb. 1980. Topics included genetic engineering, recombinant DNA, the effects of operating on DNA molecules, the manipulation of renewable resources, morality and genetics, and the future of science.
Image and article courtesy of The Navigator, Feb. 1980

President Bruce Fraser, 1982 - 1986

Bruce Fraser 1980s

Bruce Fraser 1980s
Bruce Fraser, 1980s.
Images courtesy of VIU Archives

Sept 1982 Bruce Fraser President
President Bruce Fraser reflects on tough economic times while emphasizing the long term value of education.
Article courtesy of The Navigator, Sept. 1982