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Science and Technology: 1980 - 1989

MurchMobile Feb 1986
Malaspina President Bruce Fraser, Minister of Education Russ Fraser, and Rich Johnston take a ride in the Murchmobile, also known as the Malaspina Murch 1.  The vehicle was designed at Malaspina College by John Murchie to provide a vehicle whose parts were inexpensive, efficient, functional, and accessible to people in Third World countries.  Its design coincided with Expo ’86.



May 1986 Fish
May 1986

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MC Arboretum 1980s
Malaspina College's Arboretum was realized by Forestry Instructor Fred Marshall who wanted to keep a part of the campus forested. While most of the forest has made way for facilities expansion, a piece of the original arboretum remains around Building 365 a.k.a "the log cabin".
Image courtesy of VIU Archives

woodlot opening may 1989

May 1989: Grand opening of Malaspina College's woodlot. Left to right: Mayor Frank Ney, Minister of Forests Dave Parker, Chief Forester of BC Forest Products Jack Toovey, and President Rich Johnston

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Greenhouse director 1984
Greenhouse coordinator, 1984.
Image courtesy of VIU Archives