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Thank You * Merci * Hych'qa

Thank you to all who contributed to and supported this project by sharing stories, photos, articles; participating in focus groups; and providing technical expertise and support. In alphabetical order:

Art Baker
Johnny Blakeborough
Erika Blakeman
Ron Bonham
Pam Botterill
Kathleen Brodie
Michael Carpenter
Doug Corrin
Deryck Cowling
Diane Deyotte
Jack Doan
Art Dowswell
Patrick Dunae
Gord Edmonson
Arlene Feke
Bob Foley
Bruce Fraser
Mark Gall
Shirley Goldberg
Mike Grant
Jane Gregory

Linda Hildebrand
Bill Holdom
Matt Jamont
Ernie Jerome
Rusty Joerin
Rich Johnston
Iver Krogstad
Ruth Kroek
Scott Leaf
Dan MacDonald
Laura Mann
Christine Mitchell
Dr. Carl Opgaard
Barry Ostrand
Gay Patterson
Arlette Raaen
Sharon Styve
Mike Taugher
Ethel Turner
Darryl Woods

Also thank you to the people at Nanaimo Community Archives, Vancouver Island Regional Library, Legislative Library of BC in Victoria, BC Royal Archives, and Vancouver Island University Library for helping with the research process.