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Graduates have succeeded at securing employment as:

Fishery Officers Canadian Wildlife Officers
RCMP Officers Federal Park Wardens
Canada Customs Officers Conservation Officers
Municipal Police Officers Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Officers
Provincial Park Rangers District Municipality Park Officers
Canada Corrections Officers Compliance and Enforcement Officers (Ministry of Natural Resource Operations
Consultants Technicians
BC Oil and Gas Compliance  

Current Job Postings (click here for updated listings)

Other Employment Links:

Training Courses not offered at VIU (sample of local providers)

Marine Training

NRTG/Natural Resources Training Group

If you are a Government Department or Agency or other organization that would like to have relevant postings available for graduates and students of the RMOT program, please forward the information to


Please note that only those postings relevant to the RMOT program will be posted internally on the bulletin board and/or on the website.