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Curriculum Committee Templates and Approval Processes

Deadlines to submit agenda items to Curriculum Committee

Guidelines on submitting agenda items to Curriculum Committee

Changes to Existing Programs:

New Courses and Changes to Existing Courses:


New Credit Programs

The approval process for new credit programs is currently under review. Please contact Nicole Yusep for more information.

Flowchart for the Approval Process of New Credit Programs

1. Non-Degree Proposal Template

2. Bachelor's Degree Proposal Template

3. Master's Degree Proposal Template

4. Other Degree Programs:

For more information related to developing new credit programs, visit the Office of University Planning and Analysis Program Planning website.


New Non-Credit Programs

Flowchart for the Approval Process of New Non-Credit Programs

5. Non-Credit Program Proposal Templates:

All requests for program changes, new course proposals, and course change proposals can be submitted directly to Curriculum Committee.

Please contact Carrie Johns (Curriculum Committee) or Nicole Yusep (Office of University Planning and Analysis) for further information.