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Guidelines for Commenting in VIU Social Media Platforms

We value comments in our social media platforms and see commenting as a way for everyone to participate and contribute in the VIU online community. To improve and guide the dialogue, we’ve put together some basic commenting guidelines for the VIUcommunity.

When making moderation decisions, we will take these guidelines, as well as the context in which comments are made, into account. We also recognize that this is your community as much as it is ours and we share this information in an effort to be transparent about our moderation process and why certain comments may be removed.

1. Personal Attacks: Please don’t engage in personal attacks on authors, other users or any individual, persistent trolling (i.e. the posting of inflammatory, irrelevant, or off-topic messages) or senseless abuse.  We embrace the tenets of academic freedom and believe participants should focus on intelligently sharing content, discussing topics to further the conversation and informing the online community of resourceful and constructive ideas.

2. Hate speech: Racism, sexism and homophobia will not be tolerated.

3. Language and Threats: We reserve the right to remove any content that might be found extremely offensive or threatening.  Please watch your language and respect other people’s views, beliefs and emotions.

4. No Spam or Advertising: Obvious spam content or spam content with suspicious links will be immediately removed, as will content that is solely intended to advertise (e.g. rooms for rent, items for sale, etc.) to the online audience within VIU communities.

5. Smear Tactics: Although we acknowledge and accept criticism of our content, we will not allow misrepresentation. We will distinguish between constructive arguments and smear tactics.

8. Help us: Although we have a hands-on approach to community engagement, we do sometimes miss problem commenters. We appreciate your efforts to keep the VIU community environment inviting, insightful and constructive. Let the conversations be quality ones.

*Thanks to The Guardian and Mashable, for inspiring these guidelines