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Our Learning Strategist is available to collaborate with you to optimize your learning process. Creating a purposeful, goal-oriented plan can make your studies faster, easier, more enjoyable and create transferable career skills.  Strategies and techniques will support your plan to create lifelong learning. Individual appointments and a variety of workshops are offered. You may register for the Thursday workshops or simply drop-in. Everyone welcome, anytime!

Not sure where to start? Not sure what support you need? Try one of these surveys to help with direction. Bring this with you when you come to an appointment or drop-in session.

The Learning Strategist is in the Library Commons (B305), Main floor near photocopiers.

May 12th: Drop-ins and appointments June 2nd: Drop-ins and appointments
May 26th: Drop-ins and appointments June 9th: Drop-ins and appointments
  June 16th: Drop-ins and appointments
See website for booking appointments. June 23rd: Drop-ins and appointments

Drop-in or book an appointment with the Learning Strategist to learn more.