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Benefits and Impacts of Partnering with a Professional Coach

"Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. And, the list does not end there. Those who undertake coaching also can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals." ICF

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Coaching impacts coachees' thoughts, beliefs and actions. Here is an aggregated list of student reported impacts of Success Coaching at VIU:

  1. Identifying goals, personal strengths, blocks to achieving full potential, factors that contribute to success and things you tell yourself that hold you back from pursuing your goals.
  2. Becoming proactive, taking charge of self, shifting self-limiting beliefs and self-talk, fostering a positive attitude, moving out of comfort zones, tacklling difficulties without compromising or avoiding, adjusting or finding useful study strategies, and creating strategies and actions for changing habits and achieving goals.
  3. Feeling listened to, completely supported, more confident, strengthened in communication skill, and inspired.

Success Coaching Survey Results Summary


Thumbs UpSharon is a gifted coach. She effectively asks the right questions that help you to realize the things you have been telling yourself that are holding you back. She gently helped me me refocus so that I could overcome obstacles, find renewed strength and achieve my goals in a way I never thought imaginable. Kristen E.D.

"Sharon is wonderfully supportive and great listener. She is very effective at helping me clarify what direction I would like to go." Anonymous student from Success Coaching Survey

"Sharon was a delight to see. She was always a very calm, collected person to talk to. When things were getting crazy with assignments, prioritizing and such... she helped me break it down into smaller goals that seemed much more achievable. It really helped remove a lot of anxiety I was facing, and I always left her office feeling like I could conquer the world." Anonymous student from Success Coaching Survey

"I am very supported and encouraged. I am not alone in the situation that I am in this struggle.' Anonymous student from Success Coaching Survey

"I initially came in (to coaching) quite discouraged. Sharon's calm, persistent questions were helpful even when she didn't know much about the situation." Anonymous student from Success Coaching Survey

"Sharon Kelly is a lovely, open women. She is an excellent listener. When even I was unable to figure out exactly what next steps I needed to take at first, we always came up with a plan of action. It was wonderful to have someone to be accountable to, to stay on track. Because I had clear steps to follow, I was continually able to achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend this person to other students!!" Shawnda Wilson

"As a student, we may feel sometimes stuck and without impetus to continue our journey. I was in this situation when I met Sharon Kelly. Sharon, as part of the coaching services at VIU, helped me through dialog to find some of my strengths. We discover that trust is an essential element to improve our lives; not only trust in others, but also trust in ourselves. My few conversations with her, made me realize my potential. Even though I am still on my path to set up new goals, I realized in conversation with her that confidence can be built up by doing and that is helping me to move forward. For that reason, if you feel stuck at any period of your life, please ask for help, you may find that a coach can open a new doors of possibilities for you." Rocio Rangel

"I have known Sharon Kelly since 2013, when I became a Tourism Management student at Vancouver Island University. During these years at VIU, Sharon Kelly has been supporting me and helping me succeed and overcome any (and many) barriers/challenges that arose in my educational and life path as well as transitions through changes. Sharon has an extensive background in coaching, teaching, planning, counselling, and in helping people in general. She is a very hard-working, knowledgeable person who has access to many helpful resources, and she always has a positive attitude, a big welcoming smile and an encouraging word. From my experience with her, Sharon Kelly has proved to be an outstanding coach, and an even better person. In addition to her outstanding professional skills, Sharon has a big heart and she goes above and beyond her duties to help people. For all these reasons, it is a pleasure for me to recommend Sharon Kelly to anyone seeking a professional coach to help them achieve their dreams and goals." Marina Zaldumbide Nieto

"When I first came to coaching I had a "2.0 operating system" but have upgraded my operating system to a 10.0! I am longer operating like robot but as a person with needs to meet, not just lists of work to accomplish". International Student