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Whacky Woolies Week Feb 2-6

Pull out your favourite woolies and wear 'em with pride this week. Have some fun turning down the heat and staying cozy!

Last updated January 19, 2015




Past Events

My Green VIU

Bike to Work Week

Way to go VIU! Pedalled the farthest of all the Nanaimo teams.

Whacky Woolies Week!

See how participants stayed warm and supported of VIU's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

My Green VIU
No entries for this January 2014 event.

Power Smart Month Poster

October was Power Smart Month!

Click here for more on Power Smart Month

Click here for more on the Hallowe'en Costume Contest


Active Transportation Week Poster

Active Transportation Week

Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the Bookmobiles--biggest losers of the event!




Sustainability Fair 2013 posterSustainability Fair (click here for pictures)
PowerQuest 2013
Bike to Work Week 2013
Ugly Sweaters 2013
Hallowe'en Costume Contest
Bike+Walk to School Week

Power to Change Week

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Power Quest 2012

Visit the Power Quest blog for comments and pictures throughout the competition.

Bike to Work Week 2012
Earth Hour--Saturday, March 31

Ugly Sweater Week (February 6-9, 2012)
And what a plethora of fearsome sweaters were used to brazen the cool temperatures! Thanks to all who wore sweaters and/or took time to vote for their favourite! And hats off to the Chemistry class who will now have bragging rights for the class of the ugliest sweaters.

Power Down Week (January 16-19, 2012)

Fall into Sustainability (September 21)

Natural Daylight (July-August 2011)

Ugly Sweater Week (February 15-18)
We had a great time taking pictures of some pretty *ahem* interesting sweaters and realized a drop in energy consumption! Check out the entries!

The Clean Bin Project movie (November, 2010)
Was a great show! Thanks Jen and Grant for a terrific evening and best of luck with your new projects. And congratulations on all the awards your film has garnered!