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Green Meetings

Here are some tips on hosting a more sustainable meeting.
Thanks to the participants of PowerQuest 2012 who suggested and advocated for this page!

Pre-Event Preparation

  • Email agendas/minutes instead of printing
  • If coffee/tea will be served, ask attendees to bring their own mugs
  • Remind attendees to turn of monitors and other peripherals (like label makers, speakers….) before coming to the meeting


  • Hold your meeting outdoors if appropriate/possible


  • Use Skype or other webconferencing to include attendees from out of town instead of driving
  • Carpool or take public transit to meetings

Materials Reduction Strategies

  • Use recycled paper or electronic devices to make notes
  • Make use of cloud computing (like Google docs, shared drives) to edit notes/reports
  • Make notes on a whiteboard, photograph, then share with meeting attendees via email or other electronic method
  • Replace questionnaires with online polls and surveys



  • Inquire about which items may be local, and/or in-season


  • Request cutlery instead of plastic utensils as appropriate

  • Request fewer paper cups for coffee/tea   
    **paper cups can be composted** 

Zero Waste (or close!)

  • Request a compost container from catering
    **meeting organizer or delegate will need to take the composting material to the nearest washroom for pickup—place the compost bag in or beside the washroom compost bin**
  • Remind your guests to sort their waste appropriately—or better yet—show them what items go where
  • At a large event, consider having volunteers assist guests in composting/recycling
  • Offer any food leftovers to others

Got another idea?  Send it to us at  We’ll add it to the list.