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Week 2 (July 16-20)

  1. Where safe/appropriate, turn off lights in ‘local’ washrooms or other areas when they are not being used here on campus. 

    Turn off the lights in your office during breaks/lunch times when it’s appropriate. 

    Report which lights were turned off when to by Friday, July 20 at 15:00.  It’s expected that lights in your described area will remain off (as appropriate) when the area is unused until the end of this contest.  You could pick up bonus points here.

  2. Get 3 people at VIU to pledge to work in natural daylight (here on campus) this week as much as possible.  Each of those pledges needs to comment on his/her personal experience working in natural daylight for the week.  The good, the bad, and the ugly!  2-3 sentences are fine.  Be sure these participants identify you as a leader.

    These members may do multiple tasks on one team, but cannot participate on more than one team. (i.e. team members are aligned to one leader only)

    The leader can be one of the 3. 

    Send those comments to by Friday, July 20 by 15:00. 

  3. Have 3 different (as in not the same person twice) comments on this week’s blog post about saving energy.  Be sure these participants identify you as a leader. Comments are expected to be at least 3 sentences in length.