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Welcome to Power Quest!

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Did you know it's the law that...
* VIU cut its carbon footprint (compared to 2007) 33% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 regardless of the institution's growth?

Those goals can partly be reached through operational changes like switching to more efficient light bulbs, using more efficient equipment, and optimizing cooling and heating systems (to name a few).

But a significant component in becoming carbon neutral is behaviour. We all have a good idea of what we should do to help save power, but we don't necessarily do it.

And that brings us to Power Quest. We're looking for some leaders to motivate and inspire colleagues and peers into ACTION!

Why be a leader? Read on!



What’s on the line?

The leader of the winning team will receive a 16GB ipad.  The team (all those inspired and motivated to action by the leader) will receive a catered lunch (there will be one lunch date only—tentatively set for Friday, August 24).

How to win?

The leader whose team completes all tasks in the prescribed time limits and has the highest score wins.

(In the event of a tie, the leaders (who are tied) will compete in a game of Earthopoly to determine the winner.)

Points will be awarded for completing tasks first, second, or third.

The more team members, the better!  The number of participants on your team** also counts toward your final result.  Even though participants can take on multiple tasks, the more people you involve, the more points you’ll receive.

Generally the honour system will be subscribed to, but we will be doing walk arounds to admire your work over the 6-week period.

**A team member can do multiple tasks (pledge to turn off a monitor and bike to work and comment on a blog e.g.), but a team member can only be on ONE team.


Getting Started

Read through the tasks and determine if you’d like to take on this project.

To establish yourself as a Power Quest Leader, complete the tasks in Week 1.

Submission of those documents designates you as a Power Quest Leader.

Up for the challenge?  The following list must be completed by Friday, August 17.

Throughout the Contest

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6