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Recycling, Composting & Waste

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By sorting waste, we can help decrease CO2 that goes into the atmosphere, make sure items that are recyclable are reused, and decrease the amount of items that go to landfills.

There are plenty of opportunities to recycle and compost around VIU!

Follow the links to find out what and where you can recycle and compost


Organic materials decomposing in a landfill can produce methane which is 21x more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2. Composting is part of the natural carbon cycle and does not contribute to excessive CO2 gas in the atmosphere.


Recycling reduces the need for raw materials and it also uses less energy. Natural resources are preserved for the future and useable materials are kept from landfills.

Writing Instrument Recycling Program

Don't banish your end-of-life writing instrument to the landfill--give it a second chance! All writing instruments (excluding wooden pencils which should be used completely!) can be reused/repurposed. Drop off your pens/mechanical pencils/markers/highlighters in collection bins or send them to Margot Croft B305, R272.

K-Cup Recovery

Using a Keurig coffee maker in your area? Don't throw 'away' the used cups! You can recycle them here. There's a pick up bin in the Welcome Centre.


Be responsible for the waste you produce and put it in the appropriate bin. Take items that could be recycled at other venues with you rather than throwing them in the trash.