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The VIU Brand Philosophy

Branding defines our personality as an institution. How we present ourselves as an institution to the rest of the world through the reinforcement of our unique attributes becomes our brand.

A brand takes on the characteristics of a person. The VIU brand is friendly, casual, caring, hard-working, smart, active, and confident. These characteristics are supported by our values:

  1. We value our students and are committed to their educational and personal success.
  2. We value our collegial, respectful, and supportive working environment.
  3. We value the quality of our programs and services, and are committed to offering a unique mix of vocational, applied, and academic programs to meet the needs of a wide range of learners.
  4. We value our strong connections to the communities we serve.
  5. We value the natural environment in which we are located.

Our logo is NOT our brand.
Our logo identifies us. Our brand demonstrates who we are. Our logo is a graphic element that represents our institution - it identifies us on things and in places. Branding starts when we place that logo into a positive environment that reflects our values and goals.

Become a brand steward.
You are a messenger and a steward of VIU. By reinforcing VIU's brand attributes you are reinforcing the institution's presence in the post-secondary marketplace.

People. Quality. Location. | Three Pillars of Success

The VIU brand is based on three unique attributes: people, location, and quality. These attributes are referred to as our Three Pillars of Success. Consider these pillars when putting together messaging for events or printed materials.

You might ask yourself:

  • Does this material reflect our unique attributes?
  • Does it help reinforce the quality of education we offer?
  • Do the visuals reinforce our location or focus on our people?

Pillar #1. PEOPLE

Whether it is the hard working student, the dedicated professor, or the friendly employee that greeted you in the cafeteria, wherever you look, you can’t help but notice the people here. They are what makes the VIU experience a success.


We’re putting a face on the institution. Use the people within your own department and faculty as your strongest resource for marketing material.

When faced with the challenge of marketing your program or event, consider using visuals and copy that highlight the achievements of our students, professors, alumni, and staff. Testimonials and personal stories can create an emotional connection.


Friendly, focused, personally attentive, relaxed, approachable.

Pillar #2. LOCATION

It is our location, set high on a hillside with panoramic views, and the lifestyle it offers that helps set us apart from other universities or colleges. With photo opportunities at every angle, using visuals that reinforce the literal representation of this Pillar is easy.


We offer a unique and spectacular location. Step outside next time you need to take a photograph of a faculty member or student. Use our setting to enhance and inspire your visuals.

The concept of “location” can also be expressed through the creative use of language. This creativity allows for a range of opportunities within our advertising and branding strategy.  Some ideas could include:

Our location provides lots of Room.
Room to grow, to learn, to think to be who you truly are.
Room to breathe. To take it all in. Allow for a more personal educational experience. Classes are small and friendly.

Location is a Relaxed environment.
The West Coast island lifestyle is conducive to a focused educational experience. Friendly, non-intimidating.

Location is surrounded by Nature.
This connection makes for a thoughtful, meditative, and contemplative experience.

Location offers Access to many opportunities.
The accessibility to nature provides many opportunities for personal growth and relaxation.
The accessibility to larger cities provides opportunities for cultural and research experiences.


Inspiring, reflective, spectacular, accessible, natural, relaxed.

Pillar #3. QUALITY

This Pillar is less literal than our previous two pillars; however, it is present in everything we do. Quality can be seen through the high calibre of our faculty, staff, and programs, in the world renowned research facilities found on campus and with the success and achievements of students and alumni. 


Reinforcing quality through messaging can be expressed through the use of visuals that highlight some of our outstanding facilities as well as copy points that explain fact-based information.

The facts are simple. We are a quality institution that provides quality programming. These points should be embedded within the language you use for all materials. 


Educational experience, program diversity, personalized attention.